The Salis Lab has recently discovered a new mechanism, called Ribosome Drafting, that controls a mRNA's translation rate. Learn more about it in our latest publication: Espah Borujeni and Salis. Translation Initiation is Controlled by RNA Folding Kinetics via a Ribosome Drafting Mechanism, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2016

Are you engineering riboswitches? See our latest NAR Breakthrough Article Automated physics-based design of riboswitches from diverse RNA aptamers, Nucleic Acid Research, 2016. Are you engineering bacterial operons? In non-model hosts? Then our latest published work should also interest you: Kushwaha and Salis, A Portable Expression Resource for Engineering Cross-species Genetic Circuits and Pathways, Nature Communications, 2015. and Tian and Salis, A Predictive Biophysical Model of Translational Coupling to Coordinate and Control Protein Expression in Bacterial Operons, Nucleic Acid Research, 2015

RBS Library Calculator

Pre-Sequence [?]
Pre-Sequence: enter a nucleotide sequence (5 to 20 bp) that appears before the ribosome binding site, using A/G/C/T/U. The Pre-Sequence is important when the ribosome binding site is less than 35 nucleotides long. (optional)
Protein Coding Sequence [?]
Protein Coding Sequence: enter a nucleotide sequence (at least 50 bp) that encodes a protein, using A/G/C/T/U.
Begins with a start codon (ATG/GTG/TTG/CTG). (required)

Degenerate RBS Sequence [?]
Degenerate Ribosome Binding Site Sequence: enter a degenerate nucleotide sequence that defines a library of RBSs, using the 15 letter UIPAC degenerate nucleotide code: A/G/C/T/S/W/K/R/Y/M/D/B/H/V/N. S: G or C. W: A or T. K: G or T. R: A or G. Y: C or T. M: A or C. D: A, G, or T. B: C, G, or T. H: A, C, or T. V: A, C, or G. N: A, G, C, or T.

Organism or (16S rRNA) [?]
Organism or 16S rRNA sequence: choose a bacterial species by typing in the first 3 letters of its name and selecting it from the list. Alternatively, you may enter the last 9 nucleotides of the 16S rRNA, using A/G/C/T/U.
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When using these results, please reference: Iman Farasat, Manish Kushwaha, Jason Collens, Michael Easterbrook, Matthew Guido, and Howard M. Salis, "Efficient search, mapping, and optimization of multi-protein genetic systems in diverse bacteria", Molecular Systems Biology, v10(6), 2014
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