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Pathway Map Calculator

The Pathway Map Calculator helps you optimize a many-enzyme pathway, while requiring a small number of characterized pathway variants.
Step 1. Download the Excel template. Specify the pathway's reaction network. Add a list of pathway variants with predicted/measured enzyme expression levels and corresponding end-product measurements.
Step 2. Upload the Excel file.
Step 3. Double-check your pathway's information. Provide optional information. Click 'Submit'.
The Pathway Map Calculator predicts the pathway's optimal enzyme expression levels
and prioritizes the most important protein engineering efforts.

Download this Excel template: PathwayMapCalculator_Template.xlsx
Upload your completed Excel file:
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When using these results, please reference Sean Halper, Iman Farasat, "Automated Parameterization of Flux-constrained Kinetic Metabolic Models for Systematic Optimization of Many-enzyme Pathways", submitted
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